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How About a Date? (No Weirdness!)

Name the song/artist 1. "It was the third of June, another sleepy, dusty Delta day..." 2. "Do you remember the twenty-first night of September?" 3. "I think it was the fourth of July" 4. "It's December the twenty-fourth, and I'm longing to be up north." 5. "It was the third of September/The day I'll always remember." Answers 1. "Ode to Billy Jo" Bobbi Gentry 2. "September" Earth, Wind & Fire 3. "Saturday in the Park" Chicago 4. "White Christmas" The Carpenters (& many more) 5. "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" The Temptations

How Long Does It Last?

Name the song where the singer mentions this time span. 1. "I'll just lay me down and cry for a hundred years." 2. "You ask how long I'll love you/ I'll tell you true/ Until..." 3. "I'd...walk a million miles, cry a million tears" 4. "Long as stars are in the blue...I'll go on loving you" 5. "Yours until the rivers all run dry/ In other words, until the day I die." Answers 1. "Don't Pull Your Love" Hamilton, Joe Frank, & Reynolds 2. "The Twelfth of Never" Johnny Mathis 3. "I'd Wait a Million Years" The Grass Roots 4. "Till the End of Time" Perry Como 5. "Baby, I'm Yours" Barbara Lewis

Who Asked The Question?

Here are some song snippets. Your job is to figure out who asked the question. 1. "What's your definition of dirty, Baby?" 2. "How'd you get your pants so tight?" 3. "Do I have to keep on talking till I can't go on?" 4. "Where is the love you said was mine, all mine...?" 5. "Why can't I fall in love, like any other man...?" Answers: 1. George Michael 2. Aretha Franklin 3. The Beatles 4. Roberta Flack 5. Anthony Newley (songwriter. It was recorded by many, including Sammy Davis, Jr.)

Clothes Named For People

1. A British waterproof overcoat 2. A unisex skin-tight one-piece garment that covers the torso but leaves the legs free 3. A swimsuit that generally consists of a tank-style torso top with high-cut legs 4. A knitted jacket or button-front sweater created to keep British soldiers warm in Russian winters 5. A hat with a wide brim to shield the wearer from the sun's rays . Answers: 1. The Mackintosh is named after its Scottish inventor Charles Macintosh. 2. A leotard is a unisex skin-tight one-piece garment that covers the torso but leaves the legs free. It was made famous by the French acrobatic performer Jules LĂ©otard (1838–1870). 3. Maillot is the fashion designer's name for a woman's one-piece swimsuit, also called a tank suit. 4. The cardigan , named for James Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, who led the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War (1854). 5. The Stetson hat is named after the founder of the John B. Stetson Company.

A "Take a Break" Quiz

Let's go for artists today: Who's most associated with this song? 1. "Don't Go Breakin' My Heart" 2. "Break My Stride" 3. "Breaking Up Is Hard to Do" 4. "Don't Break the Heart That Loves You" 5. "Break on Through (to the Other Side)" Answers 1. Elton John & KiKi Dee 2. Matthew Wilder 3. Neil Sedaka 4. Connie Francis 5. The Doors

Why? ~ Because!

1.  "____ Because" Elvis 2. "Because (___ ___ ___)" the Dave Clark Five 3. "Because ___ ___" Tony Bennett 4. "Because (You ___ ___ ___) Perry Como 5. "I Like ____ Because They Have No ____" Answers: 1. Just 2. I Love You 3. of You   www. you 4. Come to Me 5. Bananas/Bones (We don't explain 'em; we just list 'em!)

Dust! Dirt! Beep-Beep-Beep!

In honor of the road work being done outside my window: 1. Dust: an easy one: Queen 2. Dust: should be just as easy: Kansas 3. Beep: an oldie by The Playmates 4. Detour: another oldie by Hank Thompson 5. Dirt: Sesame Street Gang Answers 1. "Another One Bites the Dust" 2. "Dust in the Wind" 3. "Beep, Beep" 4. "Detour: There's a Muddy Road Ahead" 4. "Dirt, Dirt, Dirt"

It's All Nonsense!

Song titles that have no words--well, not real ones! 1. A novelty song from the fifties about female horses and their food 2. If life could be a dream, what does the title have to do with anything?? 3. If that's all you have to say, Sting, I don't get it. 4. So she's walking, singing nonsense, and looking good. Great basis for a long-term relationship, Manfred! 5. He works days in the marketplace. She sings in a band. How'd they have time to get all those kids? 1. "Mairzy Doats" 2. "Sh-Boom" 3. "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" 4. "Do Wah Diddy Diddy" 5. "Ob La Di, Ob La Da"

5 Recommended Mysteries & A "Song Bird" Quiz

 Supply the title that goes with the line. 1. "All the little birdies on Jay Bird Street..." 2. "Spread your tiny wings and fly away..." 3. "May an elephant caress you with his toes..." 4. "Did your lady friend leave the nest again?" 5. "Pack up all my care and woes..."  Recommended mysteries L.L. Bartlett Murder on the Mind ( part of a series ) Terry Pratchett Thud! P.B. Ryan Still Life with Murder Charles Todd The Confession ( part of a series ) P.M. Carlson Audition for Murder (part of a series) Quiz Answers: 1. "Rockin' Robin" by the Jackson Five 2. "Snowbird" by Anne Murray 3. "May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose  by Little Jimmy Dickens 4. "Yellow Bird" by the Kingston Trio

It's the Weekend, So...Warriors?

1. Who fought whom in Queen Anne's War? 2. What race of angry folk opposed the Star Tre k crew in the early days? 3. The battles in Watership Down were between what animal tribes? 4. What bestial race preyed on the Eloi in The Time Machine ? 5. What two gangs face off in West Side Story ? Answers: 1. The French (+allies) and the British (+allies) 2. Klingons 3. rabbits 4. Morlocks 5. Sharks & Jets

Let's Get Physical!

1. " ____   _____ with Your Best Shot"  Pat Benatar 2. "Ain't that a ____ in the Head"  Dean Martin 3. "Another One _____  the ____" Queen 4. "The ____" Simon & Garfunkel 5. "_____ for Your Right (to Party) Beastie Boys Answers: 1. Hit Me 2. Kick 3. Bites/Dust   4. Boxer   4. Fight  

Bad Song Bits

To make this a quiz, you might figure out who was guilty of these vocal missteps. You might also list a few of your (least) favorites in the comments. 1. Adultery romanticized  "Me and Mrs. Jones" 2. Neglectful husband hits on secretary "Take a Letter, Maria" 3. Man expects furniture to be sentient  "I Am, I Said" (No one heard, not even the chair!) 4. Man blames wrong body part  "Careless Whispers" (We bet is wasn't his feet that were guilty of cheating.) 5. Worst verb usage ever "Play Me"  ("Songs she brang to me"...Really?) Artists: 1. Billy Paul 2. R.B. Greaves 3. Neil Diamond 4. George Michael 5. Neil again...He's got tons of hits, and then some that make you go "What???"

Friday Quiz: Pants

1. "___, You Made the Pants Too Long!" Milton Berle, Barbra Streisand 2. "Forever in ___  ____" Neil Diamond 3. "The Pants ___" preschoolers' book/song 4. "Leather _____" by Sam Bush et al 5. "From _____ to ___ ____ Jeans" by Brenda Lee Answers: 1. Sam 2. Blue Jeans 3. Song 4. Britches 5. Levis/Calvin Klein

Thursday Quiz: Thinkin' about Summer!

1. Nat King Cole: "Those ___, ___, ___ Days of Summer" (Give yourself a star if you get them in order!) 2. Chad & Jeremy "A Summer ___" 3. Percy Faith Orchestra "Theme from a Summer___" 4. The Lovin' Spoonful "Summer __ __ __" 5. "Summertime ___" Eddie Cochran 1. Lazy, crazy, hazy 2. Song 3. Place  4. in the City   5. Blues